Commuter Life

You're on the move, on the clock, on the job and on the books - and you may be out of touch with your campus and all the ways we can help you make it all work. You need a little campus love to ease your day, and we're here to help you make EMU your home away from home.

Commuter Student Engagement

Your campus community is especially important to your success in college. Here are commuter-friendly ways to make friends, connect with faculty and staff, join student clubs, get a campus job, socialize, and be part of the life of the campus.          

Commuter Places

Whether you're looking for ATM machines, vending machines or lounges on campus, the Interactive Campus Map can help you find what you're looking for.

Consider the EMU Student Center to be your campus living room.  From shopping for books and hoodies, to commuter lockers and microwaves, to a warm fire and a place to put your feet up and relax between classes, we are your home away from home.

Set yourself up for serious studying in the library, or computing in any of the computer labs around campus.

Hungry? Check out all the places to eat and meal contracts. 


The Connelly Scholarship

The Connelly Scholarship for Commuter Students, named for loyal EMU alumnus Jeffrey A. Connelly, is a one-time scholarship award of $250 dollars for the academic year. Several recipients will be rewarded each year. To be eligible for the scholarship you must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Be an undergraduate or pre-bachelor student who has completed at least one semester at EMU.

2. Have a minimum EMU grade point average of 2.0 and maintain good academic standing for 2012 - 2013.

3. Be in good judicial standing with Student Conduct and Community Standards.

4. Have financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid for 2012 - 2013.

   5. Be enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours) for Fall 2012 and Winter 2013.

6. Commute from at least 15 miles away or be living in your family's home.

7. Commit to actively seek involvement and learning on EMU's campus (beyond the classroom) during your year as scholarship recipient (i.e. student organizations, undergraduate research, student employment, volunteerism, etc.).

8. Agree to meet with a member of the Connelly Commuter Scholarship Committee in Winter semester to discuss your progress of active campus involvement.

Deadline for submission of all application materials:

Monday, December, 2nd, 2013





More Student Services

Take care of your student business at Service EMU.

Take care of your financial aid and apply for the Connelly Commuter Scholarship.

Take care of your family too! We offer lots of ways to include your family in the EMU experience, such as childcare, summer camps, and many athletic and family-friendly events.

Take care of your health and wellness with counseling and psychological services, the campus pharmacy and medical services. Learn more about student health insurance, nutrition counseling, and RecIM fitness facilities that you can use for free!

Take care of your safety on campus, learn more about academic honesty and being a good citizen at EMU, or get a free legal consultation through Student Government.

Academic Resources

Need academic support? Take full advantage of the staff, tutors, resources and workshops at the Math Lab, the Writing Center,  the Holman Success Center, Halle Library and University Advising and Career Development Center.

Take classes online or closer to home with our web-based and distance education services.


Parking Spaces

Knowing where to park (and when!) can save you a lot of time and simplify your day. Here are tips for getting around campus, and the 411 on parking hangtags. Or go green with alternative travel ideas like bus and shuttle services, bicycling, rideshare and carpool strategies.